About Us
Thrill Wave is a creative agency based in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in digital marketing content. We make videos, photos, and audio for businesses, brands, and people to post.
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About Us

Established in 2016, Thrill Wave started as a space to host our portfolio as freelancers. Then, as client base grew, we also grew. Now a full-stack Creative Agency, we work for a spectrum of local and international brands while continuing to push the boundaries of our company and content. We have a full roster of talented professionals and we can scale to fit your project. From a skeleton 2-person crew to a 20-person multi-week set, we can manage it.

tony 1 final

Tony is a creative leader and all-in-one power house. Brilliant vision and masterful collaboration deliver his superior results. With a gift and unrivaled drive to create, Tony's portfolio is peerless. It speaks for itself in his results and for his future: ``big things``.


Director, Editor, Producer
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I have an innate love for culture and making things. Being a band geek spiraled into DJing/producing which spiraled into making music videos/taking pictures which brought me to create Thrill Wave.


Producer, Director, Editor

Steven combines creative talent and technical expertise in his craft. True craftsmanship when he works; his attention to detail and vision is as inspiring as it is elevating. Top this with his signature charm and you've got an incredible collaborator.


DP, Operator, Editor

Jay is a brilliant creator and 1st-class artist. He uses cultural influences, spanning eras, that are both urgent and timeless to derive intelligent art time and time again. A true taste-maker; for when being cool comes natural, Jay is the prototype.


Art Director, Photographer

Relentless passion and incurable drive are things you cannot teach. Erik not only exhibits these traits, but exemplifies them in all that he does. It's inspirational, energizing, and what keeps people coming back to him.


Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor

In our line of work, portfolio takes priority. And when you take one glance at Chris's work there is no second-guessing that he is perfect for the job. With unparalleled execution, Chris delivers every time. Adding his charisma, he no doubt raises the bar on any project.


Filmmaker, Photographer, Editor

Matt delivers his signature work with polished skill and artistry. His prowess behind the lens only lends to his creative strength. When you need someone with proven mastery and ability in photography, Matt exceeds even that.


Photographer, Editor

Leah doesn't fit the mold, she makes it. A forerunner in her field and herald for ``what's next``, she pushes the limit of what people expect from visual content. Her eagerness is unwavering and her force is formidable; Leah will continue to rise and so will the work she puts out.


Filmmaker, Editor
david profile 1

Dedicated and ardently committed, David is quickly refining world-class skill alongside a world-class portfolio. Take your passion for music and content ten-fold and you're nearing David's unmatched diligence to create great art; a prelude to his success in the field.


Filmmaker, Editor

Butt Sniffer too.


Office Manager, Face Licker