Thrill Wave is a creative agency based in Phoenix, AZ that specializes in digital marketing content. We make videos, photos, and audio for businesses, brands, and people to post.
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Our Process

We can create and manage all elements of a project from beginning to end, or we can support your team anywhere in between. Below outlines the typical process for our productions so that you have a clear picture of what we can do for you and what we can support.

  • 1. Idea

  • 2. Consult

  • 3. Plan

  • 4. Production

  • 5. Completion

1. Idea

Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere, with anyone.

  • First we start with that spark, that amazing moment where we come up with an idea.
  • You can come to us with an idea as general as “I want it to be cinematic” or as specific as “I want to be riding an eagle, and I want it to be cinematic”. Or, we can brainstorm some ideas and build off one another. Whatever it may be, nothing should be left unsaid in the idea stage.
  • Once a solid vision and direction comes about, we can move to next steps.

2. Consult

Let’s chat about the details and make the vision more clear.

  • Here’s where we incubate that idea and figure out our roles. Are you self-producing the project? Or do you want us to handle that? Do you have talent and locations in mind? Or do you want us to scout for that?
  • 3 important things to figure out during this stage: People, Places, and Props. Knowing these 3 production details will give us a clear picture of what the production will take.
  • We bring up specific examples to help paint the picture, like “I want it to look like this scene in this Kendrick Lamar video”.
  • We’ll rationalize the idea to your budget and prepare a written treatment with our project quote.

3. Plan

Email, call, and mark-up all of our calendars.

  • We’ll ask for a deposit to book a date for production. You choose the date and we’ll start planning and scheduling everything.
  • With the exact vision in place and known budget, we can start calling in all the people, places, and props we need for the project.
  • We’ll get quotes, audition actors, and book up everything and everyone we need to.

4. Production

The fun part.  The reason why we’re here.

  • Through our coordination of people, places, and props and on your set date, we get to say “action!”
  • We bring along our rig and any other planned items we consulted to make the piece happen.
  • This time is fun, but very busy and hectic; so we’ll make sure to map out and plan everything for the big day(s)
  • That’s a wrap!  We head back to the editing room to make a final cut of the piece we envisioned together.

5. Completion

A strong finish is just as important as a strong start.

  • We head into the dark room and upload, review, and don’t come out until our masterpiece is done.
  • Through countless hours of editing, technical expertise of visual conduct, and artistic expression, we handcraft your vision to fruition.
  • We’ll send you an edit to make sure you love it.  If you don’t, we’ll talk on which parts we can make better and make those changes.
  • Then, we’ll digitally the deliver the content right to your inbox.  From there, we can let our little project out into the wild.